Company Profile


Our company manufactures and rents generators from 4.1 kva to 300 kva and from 350 kva to 1.000 kva, we collaborate with large international manufacturing enterprises. 

With 30 years old experience in the domain of generators both in the industrial and the marine sector and with trained personnel we have gained our customers trust.

Our collaboration with well-know manufacturers as well as our time long experience in the domain is guarantee for our customers of the quality and perfect operation of our generators.

By taking over the installation we offer solutions to special needs such as the difficult access the proper ventilation of the generator the minimization of noise in cramped spaces, where the installation of a standard soundproof canopy is not possible.

With our fully-trained staff, we are responsible for the service of our generators and we offer 24 hour helpline, offering prompt solution.

Our company is doing business with radio and tv stations, hotels, factories, universities, theaters, parking lots, navy, sound and light installation, fisheries many technical enterprises and with the public sector such as the Greek Armed Forces, the Navy, hospitals etc.